Unleash the power of Adobe® InDesign®!

The Script Set includes all of the following:

Create Album

Easily create any size album to your manufactures specs including margin, bleed, safety zone, and pages.

Make Grid

Quickly create an arrangement of frames with perfect alignment and spacing.

Merge Frames

Merge a selection of frames to create one frame. When used with the grid making script you can create templates in seconds.

Set Spacing

Sets the spacing between frames. You no longer have to remake the group of frames when changing the groups size to maintain the spacing!

Swap Images

Swap images within their frames.

Center Page

Center items on a page in one step and relative to other frames as well.

Center Spread

Center items on a spread in one step and relative to other frames as well.

Add to Library

Creates templates by organizing and counting frames on a spread and loading the template into your library in one step.

Run Photoshop Actions

Send your selected images to Photoshop, run actions on the images, update them in InDesign all in one step.

Create Random Frames

A writer’s block for designers, this script creates a truly random template. Repeat until you get an idea and then tune your template to taste.

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