Adobe® InDesign® is a layout program

InDesign is the industry standard. When it comes to creating beautiful albums with speed and precision, InDesign is the right tool for the job.

The following are a few of the great features and benefits of Adobe InDesign:

User Friendly

InDesign is a user friendly program. You’ll be up and running making albums quickly and confidently in no time at all.

One Document

All album spreads are in one document. You can easily view and shuffle them around.

Smart Guides

Smart Guides makes image alignment easy and accurate. No more frustration over alignment issues.

Smart Spacing

Smart Spacing assists in arranging images equidistant from one another easily and accurately. Again, say good-bye to alignment issues.

Retouch on Approval

Save time by retouching images after your design has been approved by the client. This is possible because InDesign links to your images. After retouching in Photoshop, Indesign updates the links to your images and you have a retouched album!

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop multiple images from Adobe Bridge, iView MediaPro, or Photo Mechanic into InDesign. You can fill up a template in seconds.

Small File Sizes

Your whole InDesign album is about 1/3 the size of one Photoshop spread. (Comparison based on: 28MB InDesign album with 16 spreads sized 20×10 using an average of 3.5 images per spread and a 96MB 20×10 Photoshop spread with 3 images as smart objects.)


Templates are small - 65kb each! Yes, that’s kilobytes. And, each one is fully adjustable with perfect precision down to .0001 inches.

File Flexibility

Populate frames with Photoshop files of any size. InDesign accepts multiple layered Photoshop files and works with them as easy as it does flattened jpegs. Furthermore, like jpegs, you can open the file up in Photoshop directly from InDesign to make any desired changes. You can also encorporate vector image, tiffs, Illustror files, and even fill frames with other InDesign files.

Non-destructive Editing

Want to take a small image in a frame and enlarge to the size of your spread? No problem. Enlarge and decrease the size of images all you want. InDesign is linking to the files therefore you can change the image sizes non-destructively until your heart is content.

Even Margins

Give your albums a refined professional look with even margins and borders. InDesign centers images on a album page as though it has already been trimmed in the manufacturing process. This gives your albums a balanced look that compliments your images.

Flash Albums

Create a flash wedding album to post on your website or blog. You can also customize the page transitions.

PDF Book Export

Export web sized PDF files with security like print prevention for your clients to preview their album.

And, here’s the bottom line…InDesign is a staple investment in your business that will pay for itself in no time. You’ll be predesigning large albums quickly and easily and that means profit and more free time to shoot.

(The AlbumFlow Scripting Solution for InDesign® takes InDesign® to a whole new level for photographers or anyone creating graphic layouts. The Scripting Solution is not an Adobe® product and is not included with Adobe® InDesign®.)