InDesign Resources

Bob Stucky – Contact Sheet for InDesign

This is the best customizable contact sheet around. And, it’s only for InDesigners.

SharedInk for Photobooks

SharedInk for premium quality photobooks that are built for the discerning needs of the professional photographer. Superb photo reproduction, the finest materials, and skilled book making ensure that the books stand up to close scrutiny by photographers and preserve their clients’ memories. Download SharedInk templates.

Claudia McCue – Graphic Arts Training for Professionals

Author of Real World Print Production with Adobe Creative Suite Applications. Her blog is a great resource of tips, tricks, and techniques. – Where creatives go to know.

Visit to get all the information and tools you need to understand your business, work more productively, make new client connections, interact with your peers, and as a result, be more profitable and more satisfied with your career.

David Blatner and Anne-Marie Concepcion -

Check out for the latest articles, podcasts, and videocasts all about Adobe InDesign. David Blatner is the author or co-author of 15 books, including Real World InDesign. Anne-Marie Concepcion owns a busy cross-media design studio in Chicago and is one of the industry’s best known Adobe trainers and consultants.

InDesign Magazine

InDesign Magazine is another great resource of tutorials, tips, and how-to’s for InDesign. It's the one magazine I read the day it comes out.