Video Review of Your Album!

A custom video InDesign tutorial full of detail and explanations!


A video review of your InDesign album file can give you all the answers you're looking for and teach you things you need to learn. This service has changed the way people look at InDesign giving them new insights into this great program.

Watching a review of your own album with the utmost detail is an opportunity for individual instruction customized to your needs. I will point out issues and correct them myself. As I rebuild and correct your album I will explain what I am doing and why. If you are making multiple mistakes of the same type, I will correct the first one showing you how to correct the others.

Some benefits of the service are saving the need for a reprint of an album, getting new insights into InDesign, and developing more confidence when designing albums.



1. Album Review is $50.

2. Send your InDesign file up to 25 spreads through a free service such as

3. I'll review your album by screen capture video and send you the video and improved InDesign file.


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Do I need to package and send the photos used in the album?

No. Send only the album file. I will work off the raster images in your file.

Will my video be posted on YouTube for the world to see?

No. This is a personal tutorial that is customized for you and only you.

Can I pay extra to get the review back right away?

No. But, I will do my best to get your review back as soon as possible. The return time is less than one week and often 24 hours.

Will you make comments on subjective matters such as style, design, toning, and image placement?

Yes. I will comment on all I see unless you request I point out only structural errors relative to InDesign.

Why are you qualified to teach InDesign?

I've been using InDesign for years and developed great insight into the program. I've consulted with an Adobe InDesign project manager directly to improve and debug the program. I envisioned and created the AlbumFlow script set giving users the best tools to create their albums with ease.

As a wedding photographer making albums, reviewing other photographers albums, answering questions on forums, and giving advice through, I have developed a wealth of experience I can share with you. With my experience, I can look over your design, get a sense for issues you are having, and point out things you were not aware you could improve.

My goal is to bring up the standards of album design, teach you things you're missing, replace your fear of InDesign with passion, and help you create an album you'll give to your client with pride.


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